Live Mixers

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£30 per day + Delivery

100 Watts mixer amp.

Can be used just as a mixer.

XLR and jack inputs, built in effects 24 DSP, low noise discrete MIC preamps with 48V phantom power, ultra musical 3-band EQ on all channels.

Ideal for full band – Solo or Duo.


£35 per day + Delivery

Great 12 channel mixer (6 line, 2 stereo, 2rca)

2 Aux Channels (1 for fx)

Phantom power 48v


32bits Digital Stereo Effects Unit EMAC


MACKIE SR32-4 Mixer
£50 per day + Delivery

Premuim XDR mic preamps (28 on the SR32•4 VLZ PRO)

4 submix buses

6 aux sends (2 pre, 2 post, 2 switchable pre/post)

3-band EQ with sweepable mids (4-band fixed EQ on stereo channels)

75Hz Low cut filter on all mono channels

“Air” EQ on sub buses

Talkback section with level control, LED, and separate rear XLR input

“Double-bused” sub outs for eight track recording without repatching

Inserts on all mono channels and subs

AFL/PFL solo on all channels (globally switchable)


£20 per day + Delivery

24 / 8 Channels

High Quality Unit and colour coded for easy setup.


EMO E520 DI Box – Hi end
£12 per day + Delivery

EMO PASSIVE DI BOXES SINGLE/DUAL The EMO range of DI boxes are extensively used in Broadcast and Recording Studios.

Of substantial construction and housed in die cast aluminium boxes, they feature double stack transformers for enhanced response and interference suppression.

Outputs are fully floating with an earth lift switch to minimise potential hum problems.

To avoid input overload, selectable 20, 40 and 60dB attenuation is provided.

Single channel version.


Lynx DI Box – Standard
£5 per day + Delivery

High impedance input/output – “pass through” with no effect on instrument’s output signal.

Low impedance input/output – boosts the output signal.

Two step attenuator for matching input/output.

Passive device – no need for batteries or external power!

Standard 6.35mm jack & XLR inputs/outputs

Ideal for recording electric guitar, bass or keyboards.