Moving Heads

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£25 per day + Delivery

The IMS5 is a powerful moving head light fixture for Pro DJ, clubs & smaller discotheques. It is the same as the standard IMS5 but with higher brightness as it uses a 150w discharge lamp. It features 5 DMX channels (pan – tilt – colour – gobo – shutter) 11 colours, 15 gobos. Very bright units perfect for your party! prol1


Robe Clubspot 160 profile – 150w HTI Discharge
£25 per day + Delivery

The ClubSpot 160 CT presents an ultra compact effect luminaire equipped with colour wheel with 6 dichroic filters, rotating gobo wheel with 7 replaceable gobos, shutter, variable strobo effect and manualfocus. This fixture is ideal for small clubs, bars, restaurants and discotheques applications.

  • up to 9 dmx control channels
  • Pan: 530degrees Tilt: 280degrees
  • can run stand alone

Pearl River PILOT-250 Profile – 250w MSD Discharge
£35 per day + Delivery

These Pilot 250 Yoke are awesome bits of kit. They have many colours and temp correction filters. 7 rotating gobos that can be customised for your big day! just get in touch.

  • 13 DMX-512 control channels
  • Pan: 540degrees Tilt: 265degrees
  • can run stand alone
  • Double blade shutter for dimming, blackout and strobe 1~9.3 F.P.S.
  • X,Y, Motor speed adjustable Lamp On/Off control via DMX Display shows Lamp and Projector hours Adjustable fan speed.


Pearl River PILOT-250 Wash – 250w MSD Discharge
£30 per day + Delivery

These Pilot 250 Wash fixtures provide all the colour you need for your shows. Very bright lamps passing through CYM colour mixing allows any colour to be made.

  • 10 DMX-512 control channels
  • Pan: 352degrees Tilt: 250degrees
  • can run stand alone
  • Beam angles 6 to 16 degrees
  • 1- 7 FPS strobe and 0-100% linear dimming effect
  • Come hired in flight case